How can we lmprove the Quality of Education?

How can we lmprove the Quality of Education?

We can Improve Quality of Education ?

  • Introduction:
1. Education is an infinite process. It does not start in kindergarten and ends after graduation. It is an endless process and we gain knowledge as we learn something or another throughout our lives. But unfortunately, our current education system depends on the exams, tests and objectives that are achieved. We are only following the rule that we are passing the exam or not.
2. The quality of education should be improved following some guidelines.
How can we lmprove the Quality of Education?
 The teacher plays a leading role in this field, they must follow professional teaching standards. Includes practice of teacher and student performance.
The teacher must be well informed and well trained in his profession.
· An expert teacher must be present at each school or university where your assistance is needed.
· Feedback and teacher collaboration should be encouraged.
· Management should not perform bias because all students are equal.
· As we all know that practical knowledge is important than knowledge of books, then we must take this point into account.
  • · Conclusion:
How can we lmprove the Quality of Education?

We can improve the quality of education by gaining continuous knowledge by improving our learning skills.

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