Top 10 New Best Songs of 2020 - Top New Best Music to Listen in 2020

Top 10 New Best Songs of 2020
Top New Best Music to Listen in 2020

The 10 Best New Songs Of 2020 

We've been three months in a year that already seems like an eternity, but at least we've had a lot of songs to keep us busy. From a posthumous bittersweet release to small breaks, here are the best songs 2020 has to offer so far.

1.Missy Elliott - Cool Off 

Missy Elliott - Cool Off

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Twerking is an art form, so Missy Elliott, the queen of all things dance, put it in a museum.

Watch Missy Elliott - Cool Off [Official Music Video]

2.Kali Uchis – I want war (But I Need Peace)

Kali Uchis – I want war (But I Need Peace)

Kali Uchis has reached the end of her wits in a relationship and regrets the time she wasted going "crazy" for her former lover. Although she wants to start a war, she has a new man who treats her better and gives her peace.

Watch Kali Uchis – I want war (But I Need Peace) lyric video

3.James Blake - You're Too Precious New Best Songs 2020

James Blake - You're Too Precious New Best Songs 2020

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Valentine's Day is long gone, but James Blake's "You're Too Precious" is a hauntingly beautiful song that you can sing to your loved ones throughout the year.

Watch James Blake - You're Too Precious New Music 2020

4.Evanescence - Wasted On You

Evanescence - Wasted On You

Evanescence has an amazing new song and yes we are still in 2020. * cries in black converse, skinny jeans and Tumblr *

Watch "Wasted On You" by Evanescence (Official Music Video)

5.Song For Our Daughter - Laura Marling - Best Music to Listen in 2020

Song For Our Daughter - Laura Marling - Best Music to Listen in 2020

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Marling describes her new album as a "Triumph over Trauma," and her soft voice and challenging lyrics offer unexpected relief in this time of crisis. The title track, "Song for Our Daughter," faces the thorny "shit" of coming of age as a young woman, imagining a world where Marling's hypothetical daughter knows enough to avoid it. —JK

Watch "Song for Our Daughter" by Laura Marling

6.Lady Gaga - Stupid Love New Songs

Lady Gaga - Stupid Love New Songs

Lady Gaga is back, everyone, but she never really left. Although Joanne from 2016 saw her dive into a deep-rooted country sound, her 2020 first single, "Stupid Love," took her Little Monsters to the place where they fell in love with her: the dance floor.

Watch Lady Gaga - Stupid Love (Official Music Video)

7.The Weeknd - Escape From LA New Music

The Weeknd - Escape From LA New Music

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Los Angeles is the place where everyone runs, either to start their careers or to enjoy the fruits of their work. But my favorite #SadBoy is fed up with the city and its effect on their relationship, especially the temptation lurking around every corner. He has everything he could want: "He got the money, he got the cars, he got the roof with the stars," but he realizes that material things don't compare to his love for ... Bella, someone special ?

Watch "Escape From LA" Music Video by The Weeknd 

8."Between Us" Songs by DVSN ft. Snoh Aalegra

"Between Us" Songs by DVSN ft. Snoh Aalegra

In "Among Us", Daniel Daley of DVSN is ready to skip the small talk and go straight to business. Daley, who never refuses to pass on his sexual desires, sings that even though he and his partner have problems to solve, "I don't want anything between us / Nothing there to stop the feeling." Snoh, on the other hand, knows that this adventure will probably not last forever, but asks them to "keep it honest."

Watch DVSN - Between Us (feat. Snoh Aalegra) [Official Music]

9.Hayley Williams - Roses/lotus/violet/iris 

Hayley Williams - Roses/lotus/violet/iris

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Hayley Williams reminds us that everyone has their own path and grows at their own speed. We just have to be as kind to ourselves as we would be to a flower.

Watch "Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris" by Hayley Williams [Official Music]

10."Breathe Deeper" New Best Music by Tame Impala 

"Breathe Deeper" New Best Music by Tame Impala

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The best six minutes of your life begin the moment the bright drums of Tame Impala's "Breathe Deeper" play. Merging the smoothness of R&B with dreamy, jazzy tunes reminiscent of the 70s, "Breathe Deeper" feels like the kind of scene-playing song that represents a character's dizzying acid journey, which has made sense since the beginning of the song when Kevin Parker was "drugged".

Watch "Breathe Deeper" by Tame Impala [Official Music]

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