Amazon Sale 2024: Many reputed brands offer smart TVs, each with its own unique features and technologies. Some of the major smart TV brands include Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, TCL, Vizio, and Philips. These brands offer a diverse range of models with different screen sizes, display technologies and smart features to meet different consumer preferences. Today, we have picked up some recommendations that you can get during the Amazon Sale 2024.

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Amazon Sale 2024

Amazon Sale 2024: Smart TVs have revolutionized our entertainment experience by seamlessly blending television with the vast world of the internet. These sophisticated devices are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a range of applications beyond traditional broadcasting.

In the dynamic landscape of smart TV, a series of reputable brands compete to provide consumers with a diverse and advanced viewing experience. Brands like TCL, Samsung, Sony and others are equipped with a number of features like voice control and screen mirroring to enhance user interaction, creating a more intuitive and personalized viewing experience.

Amazon Sale 2024: Top Picks!

With so many options from these brands, consumers can select a smart TV that suits their preferences, whether it's based on display quality, smart platform versatility, or additional features that enhance the overall entertainment experience. Check out our extensive list of Amazon deals.

1. TCL 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED Google TV

Amazon Sale 2024 is here with up to 66% discount on this smart TV brand. The TCL TV combines impressive visuals and smart functionality for an immersive viewing experience. With a generous 55-inch screen size and 4K Ultra HD resolution, this TV delivers crisp and vibrant images, making every detail come to life. 

TCL 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED Google TV

The QLED technology enhances color accuracy and brightness, contributing to a visually stunning display. Its smart features, powered by Google TV, offer seamless access to a variety of streaming services, apps, and content. The integration of Google TV ensures a user-friendly interface and convenient voice control options through Google Assistant. TCL Smart TV Price: Rs 40,990

2. Xiaomi 138 cm (55 inches) X 4K Dolby Vision Series Smart Google TV

Amazon Deals are offering up to 31% discount on this Xiaomi smart TV. This TV boasts an LED display with a sharp resolution, providing a visually stunning 4K Ultra HD digital video format. With a 60-hertz refresh rate, the TV ensures smooth and fluid motion during fast-paced scenes. 

Xiaomi 138 cm (55 inches) X 4K Dolby Vision Series Smart Google TV

It comes equipped with 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory, this TV offers a seamless and responsive smart experience. The Mali G52 MP1 Graphics processor enhances graphics performance for an immersive viewing experience. Additionally, it supports a variety of apps including popular ones like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and YouTube. Xiaomi Smart TV Price: Rs 37,999

3. Redmi 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

Through Amazon Sale offers today you can get up to 45% discount on this Redmi smart TV.  This TV offers an impressive visual experience with its 4K Ultra HD resolution and a smooth 60 Hertz refresh rate. The 178-degree wide viewing angle ensures a broad and immersive perspective.

Redmi 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

Connectivity is enhanced with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, while its 3 HDMI ports accommodate the latest gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray players. Additionally, 2 USB ports allow easy connection to hard drives and other USB devices. The sound quality is robust with 30 Watts output, supported by Dolby Audio, DTS Virtual: X, Dolby Atmos pass-through via eARC, and DTS-HD technology.  Redmi Smart TV Price: Rs 22,999

4. OnePlus 108 cm (43 inches) Y Series 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

Save up to 38% discount on this best smart TV brands through Amazon Sale offers. The OnePlus TV offers a compact yet feature-packed viewing experience. With a 43-inch screen and 4K Ultra HD resolution, it delivers crisp and detailed visuals. 

OnePlus 108 cm (43 inches) Y Series 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

Powered by Android TV, it provides seamless access to a variety of apps, streaming services, and Google Assistant for voice control. Connectivity options include multiple HDMI and USB ports, catering to various devices. The TV combines a sleek design with smart functionality, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a balance between size and performance in a smart TV. OnePlus Smart TV Price: Rs 24,999

5. Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

The Samsung Smart TV offers a captivating viewing experience with its QLED display technology, providing vibrant and lifelike colors. With a 4K resolution, the TV delivers sharp and detailed visuals. 

Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

It supports popular internet services like Netflix, Prime Video, Zee5, SonyLiv, YouTube, and Hotstar, offering a diverse range of content. The TV showcases a sleek design. While the 50 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth motion during fast-paced scenes, making it an excellent choice for an immersive entertainment setup. Samsung Smart TV Price: Rs 64,990

FAQs On The Best Smart TV Brands

1. What is the best TV for long life?

Here are some of the smart TV brands that you can check out

  • Samsung.
  • Panasonic.
  • Sony.
  • Toshiba.
  • Hisense.
  • LG.

2. Are all smart TVs compatible with streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video?

Most smart TVs support popular streaming services, but it's advisable to check the list of supported apps before purchasing.

3.  How important is the refresh rate for a smart TV?

The refresh rate is crucial for smooth motion on the screen, especially for gaming and fast-paced content. Higher refresh rates, like 60 Hz or 120 Hz, offer better performance.

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